Mar 22

What Journalists Can Learn from Improvisers →

Dec 15

quote [Improv gives you] the ability to really listen, to stop yourself from this knee-jerk interruption that so much of actual conversation is. It’s the ability to pause for a moment to really understand what somebody else is saying to see if you can find a way to build off of that instead of just relentlessly advancing your own agenda. … I try to avoid sounding like an evangelist or some sort of crazy improv guru person, but I swear to God it really does help everybody.

— Mark Chalfant, Artistic Director of Washington Improv Theater (where the co-founders of THINK IMPROV learned to make it all up), interviewed on
Dec 13

MIT says Improvisation May Be the Key to Successfully Managing Change →

Jun 23

quote If you wait around for an opportunity to come up, it’s not coming. It isn’t, ever. Opportunities are not coming. The only opportunities that are coming are the ones you create. Otherwise you are just waiting around.

— Thomas Lennon (as quoted in this article)
Jun 21

"Life is an improvisation," says Stephen Colbert in his commencement speech at Northwestern University. Details here.

Jun 21

This is Your Brain on Improv →

Fascinating, SHORT article on what’s happening in our brains when we improvise.

Jun 20

Al Gore, Improviser?

At the Games for Change (G4C) festival earlier today, the one and only Al Gore noted that research has shown that “play is important in all mammals.” New mission: Get Al Gore to take an improv workshop.

(Think Improv’s very own Amanda Hirsch will be hosting the G4C awards ceremony Wednesday. Woot!) 

Jun 16

quote We listen very consciously at times with our ears but we also hear and listen with our bodies. We feel physical vibrations through surfaces as sound vibrates through a space and it activates emotions immediately and it also activates imagination.

Jun 15

Your Decisions Write the Script

"I don’t have a master plan or goal to leave a specific mark. I doubt I’m smart enough, or have enough foresight, for that sort of thing. But I do think that every time someone makes a better decision, everyone gains, at least a tiny bit." - Chris Chablis via PopTech

» YES. Every decision you make writes the world’s script. 

Jun 14

Have An Opinion At All Times →

Will wrote the post below about improv, but it’s important to take a position in life, too. I took a class in college where the teacher made us sit around the room according to our position on the previous night’s reading assignment. Did we think the character was a bigot? Sit by the window. If we changed our minds, we could move. Back and forth we went. This is the key to intellectual integrity and Will is right - it’s a powerful tool for comedy, too, and a great way as an improviser to get out of your head and be fully present in a scene/show. Plus, opinionated people are more fun to watch :) (I love Will’s example of going from “oh, that person said hello” to “good for him, he’s really coming out of his shell…”)


Here’s something that improv made me do: ALWAYS HAVE AN OPINION on EVERYTHING in the show. Not as a comedy snob thinking about what it’s like to watch the show, but as a character in the show. Everything that is said, that happens — your character should notice it and be able to turn that into a…